Statensport offers more than 50 group lessons per week, divided over 2 group lesson rooms.  The lessons can also be followed via Zoom or on demand.

Outdoor schedule
Yoga & pilates schedule

What we offer:


11x per week

BODYPUMP is a barbell workout designed to get you toned, lean and fit. The combination of science-backed moves, motivational instructors and great music will help you achieve much more than you could on your own.

Club yoga

11x per week

Club Yoga is a group fitness program based on Pilates, Yoga and T'ai Chi. During the lesson, six themes together form a whole. Breathing and concentration are themes that stimulate the mind. Coordination, flexibility and strength are the three themes that stimulate the body. Enjoy ClubYoga and experience the relaxation and effort.


11x per week

Pilates is een fysiek fitnesssysteem dat in het begin van de 20e eeuw is ontwikkeld door Joseph Pilates, naar wie het is vernoemd. Pilates noemde zijn methode “Contrology”. Het wordt wereldwijd beoefend, vooral in westerse landen zoals Australië, Canada, de Verenigde Staten en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Hatha Flow Yoga

2 x per week

Hatha Flow Yoga is a gentle, relaxed form of yoga, where peace is central. Through various exercises, postures and breathing exercises one learns to relax physically and mentally.  This class lasts 60 minutes and is suitable for all levels. 

BBB lesson (legs, buttocks and stomach lesson)

 2 x per week

Do you want to work on a tight round buttocks? Slimmer legs and a strong core? Then the BBB lesson from Solange is really something for you! Are you ready for 30 min of popping then quickly participate in this dymanic lesson. 

Iyengar Yoga

 2 x per week

Iyengar Yoga is an active yoga form in which standing, sitting, inverted and lying postures are alternated. Iyengar Yoga ensures that the entire body becomes and remains strong, flexible and healthy.

Astanga Yoga

1 x per week

Astanga Yoga is a form of movement that consists of a system of exercises to gain control over the mind and body. Yoga is especially a popular means of slowing down or reducing stress. In addition, the techniques are also attributed a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the glands and other important organs, and there is generally a relaxation of the body.


1 x per week

Zumba is a combination of Latin and dance moves to swinging and exciting Latin American music. The ideal way to train your body fit and tight in a cheerful and energetic way.

Yin Yoga

1x per week

In this form of yoga you connect with your body through breathing techniques. Through these techniques you will discover the places where you hold tension. Under the guidance of the instructor you will learn to relax this tension. 


1x per week

Bodyshape is a lesson that consists of dance exercises and muscle strengthening exercises in which strength and condition alternate. You will be challenged both physically and mentally during this varied class. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

1x per week

In this yoga form, the  movements between the traditional yoga poses are just as important as the poses themselves. It is a dynamic style in which breathing is central. During the class, emphasis is placed on your individual flexibility, strength and body awareness.

Lessons for the experienced sporters:


4x per week

HIIT is an interval training of 30 minutes at a high intensity in which the whole body is trained through varied exercises. The exercises are different for each workout and will test your strength, fitness and balance.


3x per week

Broga has been developed on the male anatomy (but also suitable for women), a physically intensive training aimed at improving flexibility, building strength, endurance & mobility. This lesson can help with  prevent and reduce injuries and can improve your performance in other sports. This lesson lasts 45 minutes, is suitable for all levels and this lesson is given via our live online zoom environment and 'on demand' MywellnessApp. 

Lesson for people over 50 years old:


3x per week

The first 30 minutes of this class consists of a simple aerobics choreography in which the fitness, motor skills and coordination are put to the test. After that, the sability and strength of the body will be worked in a safe and responsible manner.